Proper Way of Using a Natural Exfoliator

Dull, peeling skin can be quite the inconvenience or an eyesore. Exfoliation is the key to buffing your skin a notch. Exfoliation, or cleansing, is important to a good skin care regimen. Our skin naturally sheds off the layer of dead skin cells but as we grow older, our body slows down on a lot of processes. This includes pushing out the layer of dead skin off.

Exfoliation is important to tanning as well so if you’re hoping to get an even tan during the warm days; make sure to exfoliate your skin beforehand. One important factor is to avoid overdoing it. While exfoliating your skin gives way to suppler, younger skin, exfoliating too much can also leave your skin too vulnerable to nature’s elements.

With the rise of chemicals and synthetic ingredients in various things, it’s not surprising to turn to more natural means when it comes to treating your skin. In fact, there are numerous natural exfoliators but for this case, we’ll look into a natural scrub.

A natural scrub can either be a luffa or a mixture of coarse ingredients. With a luffa, or loofah to some, works much like a normal body scrub. You can lather your skin in soap and scrub the luffa to get rid of the layer of impurities. One important note though is to avoid leaving it in the bathroom. You’ll want to dry it up after use or bring it out to air dry in an open space. Leaving a used luffa in the bathroom can inhibit bacteria to grow which could only spell more harm the more you use it.

If you’re hoping to use some household items, not to worry; items such as sugar, honey and even oatmeal are some of the chosen natural exfoliators.

Honey, while being a natural sweetener, is an awesome natural scrub. Packed with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, massaging a dollop of honey to your skin is an efficient way of exfoliating. You can make use of warm water to wash it off.

Oatmeal’s coarse texture helps in scrubbing. With its anti-inflammatory properties and being a cheap ingredient, it’s an ideal scrub. Mix a cup of ground oatmeal with some buttermilk and gently rub on your skin. You’ll want to use a circular motion to make the most out of it.

If you’re in for a slightly coarser choice, sugar is also one of the top natural scrubs to be used. It’s also good for any skin type so for those with sensitive skin, this is an ideal natural scrub for you. Make a paste using a cup of sugar and some olive oil. Much like oatmeal, apply gently to skin and use a circular motion to scrub. Rinse with warm water right after. 446d[9]](0,4))){