Pros and Cons of Exfoliating Before Self Tanning

A lot of people have said that exfoliating is an important step to getting great skin. Not surprising as skin care regimens consider exfoliation as a way to get rid of impurities. In fact, most regimens advise you to do an exfoliation once a week, twice would be pushing it. However, if you’re not familiar, exfoliation is the process of manually removing the layer of impurities on your skin. This may involve scrubbing or various creams that help peel off the topmost layer.

Exfoliation helps clears up your skin while also providing youthful skin room to grow. Being able to thoroughly cleanse your skin before a self tanning session is very important. But what really do you get out of it? Here are the pros to getting your exfoliation before your self tanning:

– Over time, your skin loses its ability to shed off the layer of dead skin cells. This usually starts in your late 20’s or early 30’s. If not removed, the layer of dead skin cells can clog up pores which can lead to acne and other skin inflammations. Exfoliation aids in sorting this concern out.

– Dirt and grime can easily cling to one’s skin. Scrubbing alone doesn’t fix this one out thus exfoliating one’s skin can get rid of the impurities. Most impurities also cause uneven skin thus you can avoid an uneven skin tone after tanning if you exfoliate ahead.

– Exfoliating gives way to youthful skin which the self tanner can adhere to easily. This also means an even tan since your skin is young, none of the self tanner will be flaked off soon.

However, exfoliating before your self tanner also has its share of demerits. Here are some that are listed below:

– If you’ve had a waxing session, you can’t just exfoliate immediately. Your pores are still dilated thus further aggravation on them can lead to some uncomfortable experiences. Normally you’d wait a day after waxing to do your exfoliating and this should be at least a day before you do your self tanning.

– If you’re really busy, doing a thorough self tanning session can be difficult. You’ll need to really plan it out beforehand.

– You have to be careful when you do your exfoliating. When some individuals rush through the process, they accidentally leave their skin raw which is too sensitive for a self tanner. If some opt to continue their self tanning sessions, those patches of sensitive could peel off in due time.