Protect my sole, stick around

It is an innate instinct of every living being to protect their body parts, be clean, and attractive towards the opposite for reproduction. Early humans soon learned to protect their skin from harmful UV rays from the sun using animal skin vegetation.

When humans evolved to bipedality, millions of years ago, the soles of our feet have their natural protection; callus. A callus is an area of thickened skin that forms as a response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation. But a callus is not enough to protect the soles of the feet from anything that is piercing. Not soon, early humans had to find a way to protect their feet; wrapping the feet animal skin until it is thick enough to protect the sole from piercing objects.

Moving millions of years ahead, we have mastered the art of protecting the soles of our feet with shoes. However, modern humans find it appealing to have UV-exposed skin. We go to the beach and expose our bodies to have that great-looking golden bronze tan. Our soles and palms remain white because they are not exposed.

Medical studies show that over-exposure to UV rays is not good for the skin. Thus, the birth of sunless tanning methods products like Thermalabs Golden Standard Self Tanner 140ml 4.7oz. The UV light reaches every part of our body. To have the same effect Thermalabs created Thermalabs Finger Mitts, for those small hard to reach areas. These products and methods mimic the natural beach tan without UV exposure.

The most unnoticed but yet the clearest indicator that tan is artificial is the sole of the feet. UV rays cant get there but tanning cream spills can.

Thermalabs have their Sticky Foam Feet Pads. These stick at the soles of your feet to be sure that tanning lotion spills do not turn it tan.

Thermalabs Sticky Foam Feet Pads are made of quality materials and an adhesive solution. Just remove the pad, stick, and it won’t fall off. It sticks very well but can be removed easily.

We all love the big stuff. Thermalabs Sticky Foam Feet Pads are large enough for those big feet and can be cut for the smaller ones without affecting their quality and function.

Spas, salons, and professional artificial tanners always protect the soles of their client’s feet from tanning spray spills. The sole of your feet may be the last thing that other people look into, however, it is the diving line between unnatural tan from the flawless, streak-free, and seamless tan that makes everything look all-natural.

You may have gotten the Thermalabs Spray Tan Tent, Thermalabs  Golden Standard Self Tanner, Thermalabs Ultimitt; body mitt, face mitt, and finger mitt, but there is one forgotten important thing Thermalabs Sticky Foam Feet Pads.

So the next time you shop around for tanning materials, do not forget your sole, do not forget Thermalabs Sticky Foam Feet Pads. Your sole may be the least seen of all, but it is the most crucial.