Protect Your Tan: What You Need To Know About Being Outdoors This Summer

With summer setting things on a hotter note, no one wants to miss out on spending as much time outside as possible. There’s always that heightened appeal for going to the beach or trying to bask much of the sun’s rays as possible. In fact, a lot of individuals take this opportunity to get the much desired tan. While sunbathing is a common approach for this season, don’t limit yourself to this method. If you’re hoping for some sunless tanning, you can always turn to the usage of self tanners.

With a darker skin tone doesn’t mean you’re more protected from the damage that the sun can cause with copious exposure. This is a common misconception amongst individuals. In fact, darker skin does little defense to aid you on keeping it safer against the damage caused by the sun.

fitness-332278_1280If you’re hoping to keep your tan while also enjoying the benefits of staying outdoors, it’s best to make use of various topical applications in keeping your skin safe.

One well known way to keeping your skin protected during the summer is applying sun tan. Sun tan provides your skin a barrier from further damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. One very important tip to remember is that sun tan doesn’t provide your skin the protection immediately. In fact, you’ll need to let it sit for at least 30 minutes before heading out. Not only that but you’ll need to reapply it every two to three hours since sun tan also dries out. Additionally, not all sun tans are compatible with self tanners so this is a hurdle that self tanners do encounter.

No need to worry as there is the Thermalabs Protectant Sunblock which not only provides your skin the much needed shield from further harm but also aid your tan. Thermalabs only use organic ingredients in self tanners. Since you’re using natural ingredients, you won’t be causing any chemical reactions that would end up ruining your tan.

Another tip would be to take a break from being under the sun too often. There’s only so much that sunscreen can provide for you. By taking breaks from sitting under the heat, you’ll not only let your body cool off but you’ll also give your skin the respite from being under the strong UV rays.

Summer is the time to appreciate the beach or the outdoors but it’s also a season that can harm your skin. With the words of advice that has been provided, you’ll not only enjoy your summer but also keep your tan looking its best. |80|81|83