“Protectan” Sunscreen: The Best Summer Sunscreen

One of the best things to look forward to when summer comes along is the very generous amount of sunshine. We have had our share of sunshine from spring but it’s not as invigorating enough as summer. With summer, we can do a lot of things out and about. One of the best things about having more sunshine is getting the chance to tan. Tanning is a very common hobby to do during the warm months. Sunbathing is a very cost effective approach to getting one’s tan. You don’t need to do much but lie under the sun and let the rays bask your skin until you get your much wanted summer glow.

While summer does give quite an appealing approach to getting a tan, it’s still important to protect your skin when you can. For this case, sunscreens are a very important part to your tanning regimen. In fact, for the hot days, sunscreen should always be at your side. Since there’s a sparse presence of clouds in the sky for the hot days, it’s always a good practice to put on some sunscreen. Sunscreen is our initial protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Consistently putting ourselves under the sun’s rays can cause lasting effects that we aren’t even aware of. Normally, we’d be keen to heat strokes but consistent absorption of the sun’s rays can gradually lead to sunburn or other skin damage.

In fact, one of the common results from overexposure to the sun is skin cancer. Skin cancer has risen to be one of the top cancers that has caused numerous deaths, mainly due to melanoma. Now, this may deter some from enjoying a good sunbathing but if you want to amp up your sunbathing experience, you can make use of Protectan.

Protectan is a Thermalabs product that is geared to providing your skin the same protection that sunscreen can do. It has a wide spectrum of protection while also providing a good number of SPF for protection. This product is not clammy and also keeps your tan looking good. You can even put it on a self tan, as this sunscreen does not tamper your self tan. Since Thermalabs makes use of natural ingredients to get a tan, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your sunscreen. It’s also good for any skin type since Protectan does not have any chemicals incorporated into it.