Pyschological Benefits of Tanning

Tanning has become quite the eye-catching aesthetic to making one feel better with themselves. Getting a tan can range from basking for hours on end under the sun, being inside a tanning bed or simply lathering one’s skin with self-tanner. Whichever the method of tanning is, there’s really something about tanned skin that makes one feel accomplished with themselves.

It’s no surprise that a lot of individuals are into tanning, it has been known to provide some positive effects to one’s looks and their psyche. Now, you might be wondering how can that be? There’s a long list of why’s but here are some points to consider just why tanning can be beneficial for the mind:

  • Tanning beds aid in soothing an individual’s loneliness during the long winter months. Much of the sun is missing when it snows and when it’s around, you don’t go around basking under it. The cold does a lot to the human psyche topped with the feeling of being listless, it’s not surprising to hear a lot about sadness and depression during wintry months. Visiting a tanning salon and getting some much needed sun can actually sort this out. UV rays actually activate the reward section of your brain whenever your exposed to it. On certain cases, small amounts of the UV rays can aid in feeling less down during the cold months.


  • Tanning helps in skin conditions. While not all skin types are ideal when being exposed to the sun, certain ailments can be sorted out by getting a tan. The ideal way would be using self tanners, coined as fake tan by some, as a method of tanning. Unlike basking under UV rays, self tanners are lathered unto your skin much like lotion. However, unlike the usual topical products, self tanners contain a good amount of minerals that were infused into to aid your skin. A good example would be Thermalabs, specializing in organic self tanners. Not only do you get a tan but you’re also treating your skin to some organic nourishing that you miss out on the usual tanning business. Additionally, having a little bit of indoor tanning or sunbathing can also aid in warding off some notorious cancers like kidney and ovary cancer ‘ which is caused by a lack of Vitamin D in your system.


  • Lastly, tanning makes you feel good about yourself. Not everyone can have the best body or work out to get the ideal look. At times, it’s best to tan the places you can’t tone. Or, you might want to have an even skin tone which you’ve been unable to get for quite some time. Whatever the reason is behind your tan, tanning has been guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. Changing one’s color is a big step which individuals have gone through.