Quick Christmas Tanning Options

Quick Christmas Tanning Option

Do you want to feel good about yourself? Are you looking for some way to keep your skin healthy? A great way to achieve this is by tanning your skin.

Here are some ways to get yourself tanned.


Group of girls in Santa's hats having fun on the beachLying under the sun for a certain amount of time will tan your skin. It is vital, however, to apply sunscreen on your body before sunbathing. Choose a product that has the right SPF based on your tanning history and complexion. By applying sunscreen on your skin, you can get tanned, while preventing sunburn.

Tanning Towel

Wrapping your body using tanning towel can get you the tan you want. Make sure to wrap yourself starting from your feet going up. Once you finish covering your body, unfold the towel. Let it dry for twenty minutes or so for best results.

Tanning Lotions

By applying this on your body, you can get the tan that you want in a short period of time. Find a product that includes SPF protection and one that will give you a natural look. Choose a product based on your skin tone. Make sure to read the tanning lotion’s labels to see if it has the benefits you are looking for.

Tanning Oil

There are two kinds of tanning oils – spray ons and rub-ins. These come in an array of scents. Tanning oils help make the skin softer and give it a special glow.


These appear as powder that you apply on your skin. It is vital that you apply the right amount on your skin to achieve the right tone of your skin. You use bronzers to enhance your natural complexion, while darkening it. Find one that will darken your skin tone by one shade away. Refrain from going for bronzers that will give you an orange look. Keep in mind that these are like makeups that you need to reapply.

Bathing Suit Tans

These bathing suits are made of a very porous fabric that allows sunlight to shine right through it, tanning your body. These can also provide protection from UV rays, which can be harmful to your skin. You can also choose from an array of styles that will suit your tastes. Make sure that you exfoliate and moisturize your body for best results

Find a tanning method that you think will work for you. You can expect one of these options to give you the results you are looking for. For more self tanning options, feel free to check Thermalabs!

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