Quick Ways to Remove Self Tanner Stains from your Clothes

selftannerstainsWashing socks in sinkIn every application of self tanner products, stains are many times out of control. It can spill out on your carpet, bed sheets and the most prone fabric is your clothes because it sticks on your skin while you are letting your applied self tanner dry. It is one of the most frustrating disadvantages of applying self tanner. But no matter what the disadvantages self tanning brings; no self tanner addict would give up the summer glow it brings because of the stains on the clothes. After all there are many remedies for how to remove stains from fabrics.

Let’s know first what are the components of most self tanning products to know what appropriate solution is to be applied to remove the stains immediately. Mostly, these self tanner formulas are made up of oil or wax and dye. The following are some solutions to quickly remove self tanner stains on your clothes.

  • Wash immediately

Washing the stained cloth immediately without waiting for it to dry will prevent the stain to set in. It is the easiest and fastest way to remove the stain of dye and oil of self tanning product on a fabric. While the stain is still fresh, flush it with cold running water be it flowing water from the faucet or a splash from the hose. The stronger the pressure of the water, the better it removes the stain. If possible do not rub it to avoid the stain to spread on the cloth and to set in permanently.

  • Use detergent or soap

If the stain is still there upon flushing it with running water, it’s time to use a detergent or a soap to better remove the stain. The dirt-removing elements of a soap can help remove the stain. To do it, gently rub the soap or put detergent on the spot and crease the fabric repeatedly to remove the stain then rinse. Try also using a dish washing liquid because the oily component of self tanner products can be removed with the help of dish washing liquids.

  • Use stain-removing solutions

If the stain does not vanish yet upon washing it with a detergent, try a stronger treatment. Use stain-removing solutions like bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Beware that colored fabric may fade if the bleach is too strong. Use color safe bleach in this case. Follow the directions in using these solutions because there are those that are harmful chemicals that can be destructive on the skin. Hard to remove stains sometimes require soaking in a water and bleach solution to better remove the stain.

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