Reasons Why You Should Self Tan All Year Round

One’s tan is a great compliment to one’s look. If you can’t tone it, tan it’ as they say and this is one of the reasons why certain individuals can become tanning addicts. There are various ways of getting a tan namely through sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning.

Unfortunately, the two methods have become quite hazardous. Through the years, scientists have found that consistent exposure to the sun’s rays which also have UV rays can provoke the occurrence of skin cancer. Indoor tanning facilities make use of UV rays and are considered deadlier due to the concentration they emit on your skin. As this method has become a widespread harm, many individuals have turned to self tanners as a means of tanning.

Self tanners are an ideal choice to help your tan stay for a long time. In fact, they don’t need the sun which means this method of tanning is great on colder days such as autumn and winter. During these cold months having a bit of color is ideal as the lack of the sun can cause a more somber atmosphere. You’ll also look great during Thanksgiving and Christmas, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Self tanners give you the tan even before the warmer days roll in. If you’re hoping to sport a great look for spring, you’re already ready to go with your self tanned skin. You can also adjust the saturation of your tan for the warmer days.

If you’re new to self tanning, gradually building up your color is an ideal path. It can be hard to be unsure of what shade of bronze you’d like to get but gradually picking up the color as the year goes is a great experience. You can start out slightly tan one your first season and get a perfect tan by the next.

This is a healthier method of tanning thus your avoiding the chances of raising your stakes on getting skin cancer. During warmer days, you may want to lather some sunscreen over your self-tanned skin as the coloring doesn’t protect your from UV rays.

Having self-tanned skin all year round means you’re looking your best no matter what time of the year. You don’t need to prim yourself under the harsh rays of the sun or try to soak as much of the UV from a tanning bed. It’s simply done at home and at any free time you have in hand. |t2