Safer Tanning Options According to Dermatologists


Sensitive skin can be quite the hurdle when it comes to enjoying the novelties of life. With the fad of having bronze skin, it can be a short end of the stick for those with such skin types. Tanning beds and tanning salons are out of the options as they do quite a lot of damage to your skin. With the consistent exposure to UV rays, an individual with sensitive skin could gain more damage than the much wanted tan.

Long Woman Legs isolated on white. DepilationNow you may be wondering how to get a tan but want to avoid doing so much damage to your skin. There is one definite solution to that query, and that’s visiting your dermatologist. While not everyone has a handy dandy doctor to go to, you don’t need to stress out as we’ve laid out various tips so that you can get a great experience on tanning.

Things to Remember when Tanning

As a person who has sensitive skin, we truly can’t jump into the trend of tanning. Due to how tangible our skin can be, it’s best to be informed of what is beneficial for a sensitive skin when tanning is involved. These tips should help you out on the process of tanning:

  • It’s best to skimp out on tanning beds or avoid them entirely. Not only do they guarantee you a ticket to cancer, they can also cause your skin to reek after each session. This is due to the chemical composition being rapidly altered by the concentrated exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • The better alternative to tanning beds is using self-tanners. Self-tanners give you better control on how your body tans as well as preventing yourself from being exposed to ultraviolet rays. In fact, with the availability of self-tanners, you can save up on the money from trips to the tanning salon.
  • Always make sure to moisturize your skin after tanning. Sensitive skin can be quite a difficult obstacle to overcome but paying close attention and putting more care to your body can bring you a better satisfaction when it comes to tanning.

Which Self Tanner Should I Use

Shifting from the tanning bed to a self-tanner could be a difficult choice but the hurdle doesn’t end there. Before you apply anything, you’d have to make sure if your skin is compatible with the self-tanner of your choice.

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