Safety Tips for Spray Tanning


Safety Tips for Spray Tanning

A lot of tanning enthusiasts wonder if the newly introduced spray tan entails any risks with regard to the skin. While there are a lot of individuals out there who enjoy flaunting their tanned skin, they are conscious of the process’ effect on their skins. Therefore the majority tend to go for self-tanners as opposed to sun bathing at the beach or visiting the closest tanning solutions. So what does a tanning enthusiast or someone who is new to tanning have to know about spray tan safety?

For one, every self-tanning product out there, organic or non-organic contains a chemical called dihydroxyacetone or commonly referred to as DHA. This is the chemical responsible for dyeing the skin brown by temporarily changing dead skin cells color. DHA reacts with the amino acids off the outer layer of the skin and darkens these cells to a bronze hue. While the TGA has approved DHA as a chemical that is safe to use in manufacturing tanning solutions, people are reminded to be careful in using self-tanning products. Here are some spray tan safety tips that you should keep in mind.Donna spruzza crema sul viso

  • Refrain from inhaling spray tan and applying too much of it on the body. It is also recommended to use other means to tan the face. Applying the spray tan on the face is highly discouraged because it can be hazardous to one’s health.
  • Before you get into a tanning session, make sure that you have a nose filter. If you are getting your tan in a tanning salon, you may want to ask for one though tanning salons should provide you with a nose filter as a precaution.
  • Make sure that the tanning salon you are getting your tan at, has spray tans equipped with extractor fans. The purpose of these fans is to clear the air by sucking the air contaminated by DHA and then filters it into clean air.
  • Keep your eyes close during the session or wear something to cover your eyes such as goggles. Do the same for your lips.
  • Wear disposable undergarments for the session to avoid the tanning solution from staining your private region.
  • In case you have sensitive skin, you may want to consult a tanning specialist first. It is also recommended to apply cream over the skin to serve as protection and to keep your skin from absorbing too much tanning solution.

Note that these tips are also applicable at home and should not be neglected.

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