Say “NO” to Spray Tan Disasters!

self-tanner-disasterWith the hotter days being around the corner, one can’t help but wonder how soon we should tan. Getting a tan ready can be one of the most flattering aspects of your body. Since you’re bound to be out and about under the sun, getting the much desired darker tone is no longer a difficult goal.

You might want to skip on getting your tan from a copious session of sunbathing or your planned trips to the tanning salon. These methods of tanning can be deadly as continuous absorption of UV rays can eventually cause cancer. To sort out your tanning needs, you can turn to the alternative approach of using a self tanner. If you’re keen on keeping a healthy approach to skin care, Thermalabs has got you covered with their awesome line up of organic self tanners.

While they are a much healthier approach, self tanners also have their share of mishaps such as erasing the tan if you cry your eyes out during an application. This causes the areas with the self tan to be washed off due to the chemical mixture of our tears. If you do end up being teary during the tanning session, it’s best to clear the affected areas with some lemon juice and dab some of the tan back.

You might also be the type to miss out on the certain corners such as the skin around your eyes or your elbows. No one really wants to look spotted so it’s always best to cover up as much skin as you can. You also might want to remember applying some on your face too.

model-984216_640Now, these are not all the instances of self tanning disasters ever recorded but if you do come across a scenario not covered here then you’d better be prepared. One of the mentioned tips is using lemon juice to clear your skin our, an alternative would be milk due to the lactic acid.

If you’re the type to visit the sauna often, you’re in luck. Steam helps out on softening out areas of your body which means it can make your tan more tangible to work around with. This also helps sorting out those mismatched tones.

Chlorine can help clear out yourself tan; so make some time to visit the pool if you can. Due to chlorine’s bleaching properties, you won’t have to worry about the streaking or uneven color of your skin. If you’re keen on clearing it up as soon as you can, you can visit the pool more often.

With these tips, you can surely sort out those pesky self tan mishaps. Especially if you will get America’s #1 best organic self tanner from Thermalabs! Buy it now and forever say “NO” to self tanning worries.