Secrets of pre-tanning rituals

Many are obsessed, in a nice way, with tanning. Each has its tips and hacks for faster effects of the tanning cream, and to make it long-lasting. So we searched online on how others do their thing.

Some prefer the use of tanning creams because of the harmful effects of the UV rays coming from the sun. Moreover, their locations where direct sunlight is limited, and people in those areas tend to finds ways to use tanning creams effectively. For example, in Canada; April to the end of September are the good times to only have a suntan.

The secret is exfoliate first, shave and take a bath.


The normal lifecycle of a skin cell is 28 days. Dead skin cells are moved to the external layer of your skin, making it dull and flaky. You can accelerate the process to shed dead skin cells with exfoliation. There are two ways to exfoliate; manual and chemical exfoliation.

Manual exfoliation uses tools like scrubs, brushes, and sponges. This works well because it directly loosens and removes dead skin. But doing this too often or too harshly may harm your skin. If you are using an exfoliation brush, start with a soft bristle or silicon brush which is gentle on your skin.

Chemical exfoliation is versatile. It can be used on many areas of your body. The chemicals have different strengths. Chemicals that are too strong cause skin irritation and sensitivity. Many recommend mixing natural exfoliates like sugar and oat with natural oils or water to create a manual exfoliating scrub. Others combine cleansers or lotions with gentle solutions of hydroxy acids like salicylic acid glycolic acid and lactic acid.

Ease on your exfoliation. Start one to two times a week. Do not just go into the shower and rub it all out. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you can choose if manual and chemical exfoliation is best.


It is a must that you use shaving cream. The shaving cream creates a barrier between your skin and the razor so that you don’t damage the skin. If you want to save money or don’t have access to shaving creams, you can use your conditioner. It does the job of the shaving cream at the fraction of the cost.


Take a bath. Tanners usually apply tanning creams at night. So you do not want to go to bed all smelly from the day’s activity. Moreover, taking a bath removes all the dirt and oil, on your skin. Do not just use the towel to dry your skin. Take some time. Drive around, or brush your teeth. Basically, activities that will dry your skin naturally without dust or sweat.

Many recommend the use of Thermalabs’ Lavender Body scrub. Works like magic on your skin. It combines organic, all-natural essential oils, like sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, and calendula oil, combined with Dead Sea salts and minerals. This gently exfoliates the skin. Apply Thermalabs Body Scrub 24 hours before self-tanning.

Now, for the tanning cream, many use Thermalabs’ tanning creams.