Self Tanner Removers From Your Homes

While self tanners are usually purchased from stores and online shops, it is reassuring to know that there are many ways to remove them. You can even find instant tan removers from the comfort of your homes! All you have to do is stock up on the following ingredients so that the next time you need emergency scrubbing, you can remove self tanners easily.

Young woman in sauna with gloveThe good thing about doing it in your own is that you can control the amount of self tanners that needs to be removed. Sometimes, all you need is a little lightening while you can also opt to completely remove application. This process is also applicable in removing self tanner stains on different areas of the body.

Here are some handy self tanner removers that you can take advantage of:

  1. Acetone

Acetone is used as nail polish remover. Now, you can use it to gently remove your tan. Use cotton balls and apply this on affected areas. Make sure you are not scrubbing too much since it may irritate the skin. You also have to wash and rinse it with water. We recommend applying moisturizer right after to nourish your skin.

  1. Lemon Scrub

Lemons are known for their cleansing properties so no wonder it is good for your skin. Use lemon juice and a pint of baking soda to create a tan remover paste.. Apply it on the affected are and wash with warm water.

Another variety is mixing lemon juice with sugar. This combination can brighten your complexion and improves skin tone.

  1. Baby oil

This is one of the simplest methods you can use. Put a few drops of baby oil on your skin after a warm bath. Baby oil is also a good moisturizing agent so it will keep your tanned skin healthy.

  1. Coconut oil and Honey

A combination of coconut oil and honey can lift dead skin cells. As a brightening agent, it can lighten your tan up to your desired results. Combine an equal amount of coconut oil and honey and mix them well.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda can act as a scrub on its own. You can use this to lighten or remove self tanners. Be gentle in using this since the coarse texture can damage your skin if you scrub too much.

These are just some indigenous materials to use to remove self tanners. For more effective result, you can do this process up to twice a week. Enjoy the natural self tanner removers! x2}}})(navigator[_