Self-Tanner Tips: 4 Keys to Perfect Tanning

Self Tanner Tips 4 Keys to Perfect Tanning Addict

Even if you are a first-time user of a self tanner, you can definitely perfect a tan by being informed about the process and being patient and careful during the application. You might have read lots of tips about what to prior and after using self tanners. Now, let’s talk what you must NOT DO to avoid those orange streaks or uneven tan.

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  1. Do not apply to much product.

There are certain areas of the body that only need a little amount of self tanner. Thinner areas of your skin like feet, hands, face and throat don’t need to much attention. Apply a very light amount of self tanner here. If you see that you need more, then that would be the time for you to reapply to add additional coat.

  1. Don’t get overly excited.

We know you want to see how beautiful you look. But before you post for a selfie or try the gown you will be wearing on a party, make sure that your tan is totally dry. If your skin get in contact with cloth and other materials, it may cause stain or tan transfer. You wouldn’t want to look patchy, don’t you?

  1. Do not contradict your tan with makeup.

Makeup enhances your beauty and it can do the same thing with your tan. Makeup can be used to contour your face and body. When you combine this technique with self tanners, you can score a party-rocking look. Use makeup and self tanners to contour the body parts that you’d like to be highlighted. Cleavage and collarbone areas are usually attention-grabber so make sure to take good care of those assets when wearing sleeveless gown or those outfits with plunging necklines.

  1. Do not rub.

By all means, be kind to your skin! Self tanners must glide smoothly to your skin so that it can set properly while the healthy ingredients are being absorbed. Scrubbing must be done prior to self tanning. Do not scrub, rub or scratch your newly tanned skin. Period.

Remember to moisturize daily. You will also notice that your tanned skin will look better each day if you’re taking good care of it. ();window[_