Self Tanner Tips: How To Prolong Your Tan


Summer time is fast coming and it won’t be staying long. Most of us love to have that copper tan and while it is not possible to keep it forever, here are some tips you can do before, during and after sunbathing that could help prolong it.

Before going on a summer vacation:

Body Scrub/Exfoliate

Prolonged exposure under the sun stimulates the production of Melanin which causes the dark pigmentation of our skin. Our skin sheds the top layer approximately every 2 weeks therefore, having that body scrub ensures that our skin is free from dead skin cells.

A pair of exfoliating gloves such as Thermalabs Ultimitt or rock salt mixed with honey should do the trick which you can buy from any Healthy Options or online stores like

During your summer vacation:

Sunscreen Protection

Bikini bodySunscreen products are very important when having prolonged activities under the sun. These products come in lotion, gel or spray solutions. Sunscreens help absorbing or reflecting the sun’s UV radiation, prevents sunburn and development of skin cancer.


An adult human body is composed of approximately 65% water. Staying under the sun for a prolonged period greatly dehydrates the body. To help extending the life of our skin cells, drink lots of water or eat fruits or vegetables that are high in water content such as watermelons, melons and cucumbers.

Moisturizing your skin

Re-hydrating your body from the inside is sometimes not enough. To keep your skin from peeling prematurely, you can apply skin moisturizers such as body oils, moisturizing creams or aloe vera lotions at least twice daily especially on the facial area since this is where tans usually fade.

After your vacation:

Avoid waxing and some exfoliating products

Stay away from skin-stripping treatments such as waxing and hair removal creams. Also, avoid using exfoliators and lotions that contain fruit acids, glycolic acids and salicylic acids as these ingredients can take off the top layer of your skin thus, losing your tan.


Tyrosine is the primary raw material that needed to produce melanin. Eating foods rich in tyrosine such as egg whites, salmon, cottage cheese, almonds and avocadoes encourages melanin production of the skin and thus producing a darker skin tone.

Self-Tanning Lotions

And lastly you can also use self-tanning lotions such as Thermalabs Tan Enhancer body lotion to maintain that tan even when summer is over.