Self-Tanner Trick for a Slimmer Body

Beautiful woman body in denim jeans shorts and jacketPeople have always enjoyed flaunting their bronzed skin. To most people, having tanned skin is appealing and this also makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their confidence at the same time. It has been a while and looking back, it is interesting to see that a growing number of people have resorted to more convenient ways of tanning themselves such as through the use of self-tanners. And it did not take long for these same people to discover tricks that can make their tan look more fabulous especially when they have a slimmer body. Here are some ways of applying self-tanners to make your tan compliment your body’s contour.

  • On Your Face: The easiest way to figure out how to better apply your self-tanner is simply by smiling. Smiling slightly will show you how you should contour your self-tanner with regard to your face. This particularly refers to areas like the area beneath the cheekbones where the cheek caves in naturally. Imagine a number 3 going from the curve of the eyebrow, down beneath the cheekbone and then under the jaw. Using a tanning lotion and make-up brush in achieving the desired results is recommended. Choosing the right self tanning lotion for a face might be a bit problematic, but we highly recommend the Golden Standard organic self tanner as it is the most delicate option for face-application (Get it on Amazon now).
  • Cleavage: One of the best ways to better contour your cleavage is by highlighting the collarbone area and the part above the breasts. The next thing to do is to shade it in two a parenthesis shapes between the breasts and the areas surrounding it using the self-tanner or self-tanner. Last would be shading the area above the collarbone and below it.
  • Legs: This requires you to stand in front of a full-length mirror. This gives you the opportunity to be able to apply the self-tanner on areas of your legs better. When applying a self-tanner on your legs, apply both on the front and back of your legs. Slightly lift your knee next while observing the natural skin tone of the inner thigh. Apply your self-tanner only on those areas. Next, bend your knees for a partial squat and observe the definitions in your quads and above the knees. These definitions are the ones you will be applying tanners on then holding the squat and turning to the side where you will see a definition area where applying tan on it emphasizes its definition.
  • Butt – Strutting on your swimsuit has never been flattering if you have the perfect contour and great color. You can do your pre-tanning ritual before hitting the beach so as to emphasize the shape of your butt and hips. Just make sure you don’t overdo it especially if you plan to sunbathe.
  • Neck and shoulders – These bare body parts usually get the most attention depending your hairstyle. To the get the most out of people’s attention, make sure you applied enough self tanner on these areas too.

Fitness woman showing abs and flat belly. Sexy muscular woman

These self tanner tricks will definitely make a big impact on how people view your bronzed skin. Note that there are other body parts where you should try experimenting on and observing on how you can improve the tone.

You can also retouch your tan or current skin color with the help of Thermalabs self tanner. Simply check which of your body parts need retouching or second application. Organic ingredients are very safe for your skin.

Contouring with the help of self tanners is a fun activity that you can do with your girlfriends. So the next time that you go out of town, pack some travel-worthy self tanners like Thermalabs Ultimitt and enjoy the benefits of having good friends and great self tanner!

The Ultimitt. Truly the world’s best self tanning application mitt.

REMEMBER: The biggest secret to achieve the best effect when applying a self tanner to get the perfect contour for a slim looking body, is not in the lotion itself – but in the way you apply it. You must use a high quality microfiber applicator mitt that enables you to apply the lotion perfectly into your skin. This way you avoid streaks or inconsistency in color. When applying the self tanner on the face try and use the mini mitts for the face. The Ultimitt, which is truly the world’s ultimate tanning mitt, has a special offer today where you get a free mini mitt with every purchase. We highly recommend it!

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