Self Tanners in Action: Tontouring

facial contouring. Woman with a different shades of foundation on her face

Contouring is another way to build up self-confidence. It is done by drawing some lines towards your nose line or abs or any part of your body to make it look thinner or sexier through the use of make up. But everyday contouring is sometimes time consuming and tiring especially when you have to retouch your make up several times a day. Do you know that there are better ways to do contouring that lasts for a few days up to a few weeks?

Tontouring is a wonderful choice for women who have busy schedules, are sensitive to some cosmetic products or just simply want to save time in doing contouring every day. It is done by applying self tanner instead of make up. And the edge in tontouring over contouring is it lasts longer saving you time, effort and money. Here are some tontouring techniques you can do to your body.

  • Face tontouring

Standard contouring uses make up while tontouring uses fake tan. Do you want to make your nose look slimmer and higher? Then do the same contouring techniques you do but instead of using make up, use a self tanner. The technique of contouring is noticing the shadows of your face, then apply the fake tanner using a make up brush. It’s like making an outline when you are drawing or sketching. This can be done on your nose, under your cheeks, on your jaw and on the forehead. Through tontouring, you can change the shape of your face and make it square shape, oval, round or heart shape.

  • Body tontouring

Tontouring can also be done on your body, like making a fake six-pack abs on your belly. Likewise in the face contouring, just notice the shadows or curves on your stomach and create a line following the shadows to highlight the packs of the abs. Swallow your breath for a while to make your stomach curves appear. If you can’t do it yourself, ask an expert makeup artist do to it for you. And magic! You look sexier without undergoing diet or liposuction. It can also be done to have a fake breast lift to those who have flat breasts. Through tontouring, you can make a cleavage to create a visual illusion that you have a larger bust.

  • Leg and arm tontouring

You can also fake your legs to make it look thinner or to highlight and hide your sagging thighs. And the same with your arms, if you want to make your arms look muscular, you can also do it through tontouring.

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