Self Tanning and Laser Hair Removal Tips

Summer is no longer a long wait since spring is coming to a close. With the more temperate climate making way to our country, it’s no surprise that many individuals have begun to prep themselves up for their share of sunbathing. While sunbathing may be a familiar approach to getting a tan, it’s certainly not the healthiest. The sun’s UV rays causes a lot of damage to our skin and can even increase the chances of getting skin cancer.

Woman's bodyNo one really wants to befall quite a serious illness therefore if you’re hoping to get the bronze shade, self tanning is a better option. If you’re a little unsure of what self tanner you’d be starting off with, you can try out the Thermalabs set of self tanners. They make use of organic ingredients which not only promotes a healthier approach to self tanning but also aids in pampering your skin while tanning.

Now one hurdle that you can encounter when it comes to self tanning is the amount of body hair your body showcases. If you’re an individual who has a copious coverage of body hair, self tanning can be quite tricky to do.

On cases like this, its best to clear your body of bodily hair prior to applying the tanning agent. For a better approach to self tanning, laser hair removal is an ideal way of clearing the hair off. Before applying the bronzer, here are some tips you’ll need to keep in mind:

– Don’t go for a self tan prior to removing the body hair. Self tanners or a fake tan darken your skin which causes a competing target for light energy. The darker the skin, the more light is absorb thus you might end up with burns or blisters in this manner.

– Give yourself some time before you apply your self tanner and the time you undergo laser hair removal. Your skin is still recovering from a laser treatment thus it may not easily adhere the tanning agent or even cause complications. The ideal time for both options would be 3-4 weeks.

With these ideas in mind, hopefully it will guide you on your option of getting a laser hair removal prior to applying your self tanner. To best aid you on this scenario, you can also turn to the Thermalabs self tanners to aid your skin on recovering from the laser hair removal. 8)|ta(gt|lk)|tcl