Self-Tanning for Men: How to Do It Right!

There is nothing new about women wanting to get themselves tanned but it was only recently that a fair number of men are realizing that having a tanned skin can increase their appeal. The fact of the matter is that men who have a tanned complexion are more appealing as compared to guys who appear pale. On other hand, overexposure to sunlight can cause skin aging and at the worse, skin cancer. So how can men do it properly without risking its negative effects on the body?

Guy TanningDo Not Overdo It: The good news is that there are self tanning products out there that can serve as a safer alternative when it comes to men who want to get a tanned look. However, you have to be very careful when it comes to applying it and to try not to overdo it. A tanned appearance is appealing to girls but they can easily spot a guy who has ended up overdoing it. Do not be that kind of guy. Though this can be a trial and error experience, researching prior the activity lessens the chances of failure.

Quality Product: There are a lot of self tanning products available in the market these days and each brand boasts being the best option available. The good news is that there are ways to figure out if a particular product can really stand up to its name and it is by conducting a thorough research about the product by reading user feedbacks. Thanks to internet technology, one can easily search online about reviews for specific products. Once you have made your research, purchase the product that you feel is best suited for your needs. Also try to refrain from purchasing products that has a woman’s fragrance on it especially that majority of self tanning products are made for women.

Once a Week: This is in relation to the first tip. A lot of men wonder how much self tanning session should they undergo and the thing is that it is different for each person. The best method to get the best results is to apply the self tanning product once a week and on your face, at least twice a week. Keeping the face tanned for at least the whole 7 days of the week and throughout the whole day is also advisable.

It may appear unusual that a number of men are starting to get themselves tanned but then again there is nothing wrong in wanting to be desired by the opposite sex after all. (rg