Self Tanning Gift Ideas

With the holiday season coming closer and closer, it’s no surprise to be invested in certain gifts. There’s a lot to think about, what your peers would like, what their hobbies are and etc. If you have some friends or family who are into tanning, you can choose some of these self tanning gifts to spice up their wintry days or help them keep their summer glow.

To give a better insight on why self tanning is an ideal gift to them; tanning has gone through numerous methods for the past few years but sunbathing and indoor tanning are causing quite an alarm. It’s been known that the aforementioned methods have caused a spike in individuals to obtain skin cancer and worse, it happens to be melanoma. This is a very aggressive form of skin cancer which has caused numerous casualties these past few years. Thus, self tanning gifts would be a better gift option for them.

Before you do your self tanning, you need to have cleansed your skin. So as a prep to self tanning, you can give your friend a cleansing kit. These are usually kits that have a body scrub, some cleanser and placed inside an ornate basket or container. While not directly a self tanning item, it helps prime one’s skin for a good self tanning experience.

If you have a friend who lives alone and loves to tan, a good aid would be a self tanning back applicator. Face it, having no one to help you out while tanning is one of the worse experiences to go through. While it can take some time to get used to, a back applicator will surely help your friend out during their self tanning sessions.

If they’ve been self tanning for quite some time, why not give them a new tanning mitt. If you don’t know how often they tan or when they last purchased their tanning mitt, a new one is still useful.

If your friend is new to tanning or you want to get them into self tanning, you can start out with a self tanning kit. If you’re a little unsure, try some of Thermalabs’s self tanners since they’re organic thus won’t cause any harm to your friend’s skin. You can even throw in a guide on how to do self tanning so they won’t get too overwhelmed at the complexity of getting a tan through self tanners. 0|sl(45|id)|sm(al|ar|b3|it|t5)|