Self Tanning in Groups: How To Do It Right

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Self tanning is exciting and full of fun but it’s more fun if you do it with your self tanner buddies like your siblings, friends, workmates, classmates, or colleagues. It’s more fun because you will be able to help each other in applying self tanner to the hard-to-reach parts of the body. You will also have buddies to look for streaks or uneven application in each of the body parts, thus resolving it easily. Another good thing in doing self tanning in groups is that you will save time and effort in cleaning the mess after applying just like using same rags in cleaning the spills instead of using another rag after every application.

The following are some tips on how to do self tanning in groups to get the best possible tanning result and to make it more fun.

  • Set the date and venue

Self tanning in groups is like a group date. If you are planning to do such activity, letting your tanning buddies know and setting a date where everybody is free to attend is the most important. The more, the merrier. Choose also a safe place where you can easily clean the mess after tanning.

  • Prepare all the stuff needed

Say for example you are the host and tanning with your buddies will be done at your house. Prepare enough cover to protect all the things that may be stained like rags or newspaper on your floor to easily clean the spills. Cleaning tools like water and detergent should also be present to remove stains immediately. Never let the stains dry because it will be harder to remove it if left uncleaned.

  • Help each other in applying

To do the activity easier, faster and more fun, help each other in applying especially on the back and other hard to reach parts of the body. This is the best part in doing self tanning in groups. Another thing is your buddy can check and see if there are streaks or uneven applied parts and you can easily retouch it. You can help your buddies, who are new to self tanning, and suggest to them how to do it right.

  • Pack up your mess

Packing up your things and cleaning up your mess is less stressful because no matter how many members joined the activity, cleaning will only be done once. You can help each other to remove the spills on the floor and wash the rags that are used. It’s easier to do such works together and its more fun.

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