Self Tanning Money Saving Tips

Self-tanning is really an appealing approach to getting one’s tan. Tanning is a very famous trend to making one’s self look better. Usually, you’d do some  sunbathing to get your share of tan. If it isn’t through sunbathing, indoor tanning is the way to go. However, consistent exposure to the sun’s rays or ultraviolet rays in general can put you at a higher risk of fatal diseases. If sunburn and premature aging hasn’t dissuaded you from tanning, absorbing a lot of UV rays can actually raise the chances of getting skin cancer. Melanoma has become quite common in our community due to the copious exposure to the sun.


With the dangers of the conventional choices of tanning, it’s no wonder that a lot of individuals opt to make self tanners to get their tanning. Self tanning doesn’t make use of any UV rays. Although it may be the healthiest option on the market, it’s not the cheapest on the list. Self tanners can be pricey if you aren’t careful.  If you’re a beginner, self tanning can seem like a daunting hill to overcome. However, there are some things to consider to avoid spending too much on self tanners.


First of all, you need to identify your skin type. By being familiar with your type of skin, you can isolate the self tanners that can work with your skin.  You can look through reviews or ingredients before trying to put the entire bottle on your skin. If you’re not too reliant on reviews, you can also try some tester self tanners before purchasing. Being able to find the right self tanner for your skin type can lessen the expense of buying another one too soon.


Secondly, try to choose the appropriate method you put the tanner on your skin. Tanning mitts are the cheapest method to apply self tanners. If you want to go an extra length, you can make use of a spray tanning kit. This kit makes use of an air compressor, an airbrush and a self tanner dedicated for spray tanning. While tanning mitts are cheaper, it can be difficult to apply if you aren’t familiar with self tanners. Spray tanning assures that you’re applying the same amount of self tanner on every surface of your body. This can not only save money but save time as well. You can also opt for other methods of applying the self tanner such as towelettes, and etc.