Self Tanning Perks: Enjoy The Summer Glow All Year Through

Self-tanning-perks_Enjoy the summer glow all year through

Who cares about the weather as long as you’re feeling good about your skin? Tanning knows no season. In fact, it’s an accomplishment to have a bronzed skin from self-tanners all year through!

beautiful girl with long dark hair wears elegant dress and accesThe good thing about using self tanners to achieve a summer glow is that your skin doesn’t get damaged from the sun. It is easier to keep your skin healthy and young. You can also avoid uneven patches.

Now, here are the tips to continuously enjoy the perks of your self tanners!

1. Pick the best brand.
Have you heard it already from your friends? I hope you are not the last one to know that Thermalabs is the leading brand of self tanners that truly delivers and commit to making you more beautiful. To know more about it, visit Amazon or the online shop.

Why should you consider the brand? Because only the trusted ones can give you the best results. Thermalabs also offer different self tanning products ranging from tanning towelettes to tanning lotion. You can also rely on their pre and post tanning care tips! Exfoliation? No problem! They have organic exfoliating mitt to take care of your skin. Keeping your skin moisturized? No worries! Thermalabs Protectan Daily Sun Protection Lotion SPF 30 has all the benefits your skin needs.

2. Set a schedule.
You should not rush things. If it is your first time to use self-tanners, you should read first the do’s and don’ts. Feel free to check our blog archive to learn more about it. Don’t think about TL;DR. We can spoonfeed you right now if you are really excited.

Once you have chosen the brand and the product type, you simply check the easy-to-follow instructions and you should be good to go. The good thing about setting a schedule is that you can give your skin enough time to absorb the color and nutrients because there are some activities that you might not do right away after self tanning. These include heavy exercises, use of sauna, waxing and swimming in chlorinated pools.

3. Follow the instructions.
They key to a beautiful glow using self tanners is applying it right. It means that you should not overdo it. Again, read the instructions and follow it. When in doubt, you can do two things. One, ask the experts. Two, trust your instincts.

4. Take care of your tanned skin.
To have a longer-lasting tan, you must keep your skin healthy. You should always moisturize and apply sunblock to protect it from the dangerous rays of the sun. You can also do maintenance tan by keeping a stock of your favorite tanning product.

Let your skin be as dazzling as the holiday season!

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