Self Tanning Safety at Home

Safe home is all everybody wants. Nobody wants to suffer injury or harm just because of somebody’s negligence, and self tanning can bring some hazard too if you are not doing necessary tanning safety measures. Keep your family members at home safe and protect them from possible harm that may cause them due to your tanning activity. Here are some simple reminders to jog your memory from keeping your self tanning routine always safe to everybody.

  • Keep out of children’s reach

Self tanning products are dangerous to children especially when taken internally. It can also bring allergy or skin blemishes to your children when applied to their young skin. So after tanning, always keep your self tanning products in the proper place where children cannot reach. There are also tendencies that when children see you apply self tanner, they may imitate you without knowing it’s not good for them. So when you apply self tanner, better stay in a place where they cannot see you. Or better explain or educate them that applying these self tanning products on their immature skin is not good for them.

  • Always keep your tanning area clean after tanning

Right after doing your routine of self tanning, you must clean the area to avoid accidents like slipping out of the floor due to scattered rags or squeezes of tanning lotions or creams. If you need to clean the tanning residue on the floor with water, do it immediately while the stain is not yet dry or else the stain becomes permanent.

  • Dispose the things used in tanning

Proper waste disposal is a must to avoid unnecessary and unwanted dangers. Do not just throw away your empty tubes or bottles of tanning lotions in your trash cans because children may accidentally find and play with them. Put them in a proper waste disposal.

  • Turn off and unplug tanning machines

If you are using air brush or spray tanning machine at home, always double check if the machine is properly turned off and the plug is pulled out from the socket to avoid electrical shocks and cause of fire. Due to children’s curiosity, they may try to use it just like the way you are doing so better plug them off.

  • Put some cover on your floor to avoid tanning stains

Before performing self tanning, put some rags or old magazine or newspaper on the floor to protect your flooring from tanning stains. This can also help you clean your mess easily and hassle free. tor[_