Self Tanning Secrets to Have a Gorgeous Body

Tanning has become quite a trend with the skin care industry. It’s no surprise that a lot of women want to try out tanning due to the wondrous effects it has one’s body. But what does tanning really do for you?

If you’re familiar with the Kardashians, you’ve probably heard of their iconic 3D tan. Getting a tan can be beneficial for you, from being able to hide imperfections to helping you sculpt your body with the aid of contouring. However, the conventional means of earning a tan, which is sunbathing and a daily dose of the tanning bed, is not the most ideal approach to making the best use of the tan. The best way to get the contouring you’ll need is by making use of self tanners. Thermalabs has a great selection of organic self tanners which helps you out on providing you the much needed tan without the harm of chemicals.

beach-1230517_640If you’re new to self tanning or a tenured one, you might be skipping on some of the basics that make a self tanner the best way to contouring your body. Here are some tips to get you on the right side of the road to getting that ideal body with the aid of tanning.

  • Don’t rub your arms like how you use soap; make use of circular motions to get the tone right. Circular motions also help spread the tanner evenly since you’re avoiding any clumps and streaking.
  • Never miss out on any part. Make sure to apply some of the self tanner on your elbows, knees and similar areas. You don’t want these joints to stick out due to being lighter than they should be. Also, do note that these areas tend to darken quickly so lightly swipe a wet towel on these areas to rid of any excess tanner.
  • You can contour your face as well. Apply some of the self tanner along your cheekbones until under your jaw. This gives a more pronounced set of cheekbones that women create with makeup.
  • A little unhappy with your bosom? You can apply some of the tanner along your collarbone and the top of your breasts, creating a highlight. If you’d like a deeper cleavage, you can apply a darker shade in between each breast by forming opposing curves.

Contouring your body takes some practice but being familiar of your body also aids in a better understanding of how to appreciate it. -|