Self-Tanning Tips for Every Skin

Long Woman Legs isolated on white. DepilationWhile the number of people who enjoy tanning keeps on increasing, a growing number of them have opted to use self tanners as their go-to tanning method. People no longer have the luxury to go to a beach and sunbathe, let alone spend a fortune to get a hotel reservation close to the beach. And though there are tanning salons establishments available for those who want to get tanned at their own convenience, nothing beats fake tanning products that people can purchase from stores and use them at their own leisure. However, fake tan product users should be careful of how they use their sunless tanners in relation to their complexion because different skin complexions require different amount of tanning solution to get the best results.

Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of self tanners regardless of your skin color. We make sure that every issue is addressed so that you can enjoy the benefits of Thermalabs self tanners.

  • Fair Complexion: Using self tanners if you have fair skin can be a bit challenging. But if you want to achieve the most even results then it is important that you exfoliate and either wax or shave 24 hours before you apply sunless tanning solution. Try to avoid using fake tanners that have orange-based formulas as well as products that are darker because applying it on your fair skin will make it appear unnatural.
  • Medium Complexion: A good example of a person who has medium complexion would be Nicki Minaj or Jessica Alba. People who have this complexion need not worry getting a darker complexion and appearing to have an unnatural colored skin because their skin getting darker is more natural. As with self-tanning, it is important that you exfoliate first and shave or wax so as to have a fairer result. In addition, apply moisturizers on areas that tend to become darker such as the joints, feet and hands prior to the tanning session.
  • Dark Skin: Utilizing a sunless tanner can help hide uneven areas while creating a beautiful radiant effect. Using a light layer or gradual self-tan helps even out the skin tone while adding that much desirable glow. In addition, using a tanning mitt such as Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt makes a big difference especially that these mitts are manufactured to appear large allowing for more areas to cover. Because of its high-quality micro-fiber, it offers the best quality and has a longer lifespan. It even comes along with an easy-to-carry poly bag in case you are traveling. It also protects your hands from stains and is great when you are looking for an even finish. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt also offers a 1 year guarantee as compared to other tanning mitts in the market that offer only half a year. (Get it on Amazon)

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Self-tanning is different for every complexion and researching as to how to efficiently perform the tasks will ensure that you get the best results.

But the difference usually lies in the number of applications. You won’t usually see a number of shades of self tanners. Because of that, you have to settle for that color and see how it turns your skin into a tanner one. The concept in self tanning is quite similar to dyeing gray hair. The result is always dependent on your base color or current skin tone. If you have lighter complexion, the key is the second or third application. But before you do that, make sure that you are giving the first application enough time. You have to see how it really looks after several weeks.

If you have a specific shade that you want to achieve, you can also do a skin test at the front of your elbow or near your pulse. This way, you can save time instead of tanning your whole body.

You can also choose which method of application to use. Thermalabs offers a lot of self tanning options and tools for your convenience. For multiple application, go for Thermalabs tanning lotion not only because it has enough content for extreme coverage but also because it is all organic and all natural, in fact, America’s Golden Standard! (Get it on Amazon)