Self Tanning Tips For Halloween Parties

The chillier months are here. What event is being looked forward to aside from the holidays? Why Halloween, of course. It’s not a surprise that a lot of individuals want to step up their game when it comes to suiting up for Halloween. With so many costumes to look forward to, one of the most peculiar approaches for Halloween is getting a tan.

It’s not common for individuals to sport a tan in the late days of October. With summer long gone, it can be hard to get your share of tanning from sunbathing. While indoor tanning is also an option, it eats a lot from your wallet, and having to go to a tanning salon on chilly days can be off-putting. It’s also a common fact that consistently exposing yourself to UV radiation can greatly expedite the chances of getting skin cancer. No one wants to put themselves further in harm’s way thus leads us to self-tanning as a much healthier approach to getting the bronze tone.

Self-tanning can take some time to get used to applying but it is well worth the effort. You can enjoy a much sultry look with the normal choices of Halloween costumes. Make the most out of your self-tanned skin by donning a costume that can best show-off your body.

Self-tanned skin is also a great makeup base since you’ve got your coverage set. Use some light makeup or every glittery eye shadow to really bring out the look for your getup. If you’re thinking of going for an olive-toned Morticia Adams, you’ll want to use some light makeup for great highlights.

Halle Berry’s Catwoman can also be great source material for your Halloween costume. With the leather bodysuit and the olive tone, you’re going to catch a lot of attention when you strut your costume for the night.

Before you go and get your suit done, make sure to put on the self-tanner at least two days before. This prevents the self-tanning from staining your costume or your props. While normally, you can let the self-tan dry overnight, it’s still an extra measure to apply it two days away. Another benefit of applying your self-tanner in advance is being able to work out any mishaps before the big day, or night for that matter. You can also contour your tan way ahead of time thus effectively hiding any flaws and accentuating your body and your face with ease.