Self-Tanning Tips For Pale Skin

Tanning is a gratifying approach to looking your best. It’s also one of the best ways to cover up your flaws without having to go under a knife. While it can be the best approach to looking your best, certain methods of tanning can cause more harm than good.

beautiful-1274056_1280Sunbathing and tanning beds are a common choice to getting the desired tan but they are quite harmful. With the recent rise of skin cancer on the most common cases of cancer, it’s no surprise that individuals have turned to self tanners as an alternative to getting the summer glow.

It’s the best approach for pale-skinned individuals as copious amounts of hours under the sun could cause sunburn over getting you the tan of your dreams. With the aid of a self tanner, getting the tan is much easier; especially with the light palette to start with. To get things sorted out, here are some tips to optimize your self tanning experience:

  • You’ll want to exfoliate prior to getting your tan. Despite having a light pallor, you still have a layer of dirt and dead skin cells to tackle. Exfoliating helps your skin on getting rid of this layer as well as helping the bronzing agent to adhere to younger and more supple skin.
  • It’s best to make use of a gradual self tanner. This helps build up the shade of your skin. Splashing the self tanner can cause streaking or worse, give you a more orange color as opposed to the brown one.
  • Once you’ve gotten a good color to start with, usually a light brown color, you can now start to apply your self tanner. If you’re unsure on what self tanner to use, you can try out the Thermalabs self tanners. Not only do they give you the much desired tan but their products are made from organic ingredients. Thus, there’s no guilt in using them.
  • A pair of tanning mitts is your best friend. You’ll want to make use of the mitts to gradually apply the self tanner onto your body. If you’re not using them, you not only end up with really orange hands but also have a stripe-like tan. This is due to the self tanner being spread out too thin.

Applying a self tanner for the first time can be tricky but with a gradual approach to tanning, you’ll surely get that desire shade in no time. Be it a fair complexion or a medium one, you’ll surely have a better experience with tanning when using self tanners. t