Self Tanning Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have quite the handicap with a lot of things. From being limited to what medicine they can use to what they can eat, it’s not surprising that self tanners can also be put under this scrutiny. Self tanners, or tanning lotions, are still chemicals that one puts on their body.

Tanning is a great way to boost one’s self image. Normally, most individuals make good use of the sun or the nearby tanning salon. Unfortunately, pregnant women do not have the luxury to lie for hours on end with their swollen body nor can they expose their unborn children to high levels of UV radiation from tanning beds or tanning showers. Another fact would be, swollen bellies aren’t best buddies with your favorite tanning beds. In addition, exposure to UV radiation can cause a deficiency in folic acid in your body. Low folic acid can provoke tube deficiencies which can harm your baby. Lying down often can also cause spinal malformation since you are not distributing your weight evenly and can also cause difficulties during labor.

This is where self tanners come in as they still offer you the chance to getting tanned skin without having to put you in harm. In addition, using self tanners is the healthiest method to getting a tan since you don’t rely on UV rays to change the tone of your skin.

Self tanners can be tricky but they’re the best option to pregnant women. One thing to remember is to be wary of spray tans. Since these are aerosol methods of tanning, the chemicals can get into your lungs and then into your bloodstream. Due to that cycle, it can be detrimental to your growing baby.

Thus said, you’ll want to rely on the lotion version since it’s mainly dying your skin. Normally, we have to be extra careful of the chemicals we put on our body so try to read through the ingredients of the tanning lotion you’re hoping to buy. If you’re not familiar with the ingredients, you can trust on the Thermalabs self tanners to aid you during your pregnancy for tanning needs. Thermalabs self tanners are concocted from natural ingredients thus you can rest assured that you’re not lathering your skin with unknown chemicals, which can harm your baby.

Pregnancy is a difficult but beautiful experience just like tanning. It’s no longer an issue to have both at the same time. m\-|t\-m