Self Tanning Tips For Students

Self tanning is for everyone who wish to get a tan. It’s not surprising as basking much of the sun’s rays or scheduling your UV session inside a tanning bed can eat up a lot of time, especially if you’re a student. On most cases, young skin is not adept to taking a lot of UV rays. Soaking much of the UV rays can not only heighten the cause of skin cancer but also promote premature aging and even a breakout of acne.

No one wants these kinds of experiences when trying to get their tan thus sticking to a self tanner is your go to objective. Now, as a student, you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to putting on the bronze tone. It can be quite a tight schedule but with these tips, you’re sure to sport a gorgeous tan without having to sacrifice the time to get it:

  • Plan out your self tanning session. Much like how you have a schedule on which lesson goes on which day, you’ll also want to set aside some time to getting your tanning fix. This also ensures that your tan has enough time to soak in before you go through any activities.


  • Before you tan, make sure that you’ve done a good share of exfoliating as well as waxing. A day or two would be ideal since your skin needs to heal from the wax and your pores need to minimize before then.


  • If you have a long vacation at hand, make the most out of it. A good example would be spring break, which is usually the season that most individuals get their tan. Have a whole day dedicated to putting on a tan. While not the most socializing aspect of a self tanner, you’ll be thankful at the prowess on getting a self tanner as it not only spares you from chances of getting melanoma but also gives you a chance to even contour your tan. Nothing like doing the contouring magic on your body!


  • Don’t try to self tan over night. Sparing only a few hours of your evening to get the color of bronze is not a good idea. Self tanners need quite some time to adhere to skin before you’re going to dive into the sheets. If you skimp out on the time, you might not only have orange sheets but even your tan can be in jeopardy. Try to tan during the weekend, a whole afternoon would be good.