Self Tanning Tips: How to Avoid Patchy Tan

Let me guess. Your recent tanning experience is not what you expected it to be. More like, you are dissatisfied with the results, short of saying that you are now looking at some unpleasant tanning patches on your skin, right? How did I know? Well, for one, you would not be reading this article if you at least have no problem with your tanning experience. So, you are wondering what happened. Let me share some useful information with you.

You Forgot To Exfoliate: Now, I do not want to sound like a parent scolding his or her child but forgetting or skipping the portion of exfoliating your skin before tanning is perhaps the worst mistake that you could possibly do when it comes to utilizing self-tanning products. The reason why it is very important to exfoliate your skin before you apply self-tanning solution is because it removes the dead skin cells on your skin that are responsible for ruining your tanning experience. They basically interfere with the solution causing your application to not go smoothly. If you do not want this to happen again, make sure that you exfoliate before you tan yourself.

Joven belleza latina.Hydrate the Skin: Another factor that can be the reason for that patchy tan is the skin being dry hence it is vital that you use moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated. Do this on a daily basis especially on those rough spots like the elbow, or the knees. Besides, using moisturizers on your skin feels good so there is no reason for you to get lazy on applying the good stuff on your skin.

Lack of Tanning Solution: Or maybe you just did not put ample tanning solution on your body hence you are seeing those ugly patch on your skin? When it comes to applying self-tanners, do not be conservative. Make sure that you put enough and to apply it evenly throughout the skin especially on those spots that easily dry that is mentioned prior. Using a tanning mitt helps. And speaking of tanning mitts, you should use Thermalabs’ brand new mitt called the Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt, because seriously, this product will make your self-tanning experience better. Imagine the following features:

  • It is longer as compared to other mitts which ensure that it covers most of your hands protecting it from getting unnecessary tanning solution stains.
  • Thermalabs’ Ultimitt is also durable hence they offer a one year guarantee for the product. Imagine how beneficial is that as compared to others who can only offer thirty days guarantee.
  • It also comes with a polybag where you can keep it safe especially if you are on the road. This keeps it from getting your clothing stained.
  • While using bigger mitts can be a challenge when you are applying tanning solution on your face or any part of it, Thermalabs Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt, comes with a mini mitt that you can use to apply tan on your face conveniently.

So yes, getting yourself Thermalabs Ultimitt, the Ultimate Mitt should help you get a better tanning experience. Just make sure that in addition to utilizing Thermalabs Ultimitt is that you follow the instructions above.