Self Tanning Tips: How to Smoothen Dry Tan Patches

Tanning can be quite an appealing way to improve how you look or get more self-confidence with yourself. It’s one of the ways to enjoy summer and certainly one of the easiest ways to get a new makeover. While tanned skin can be achieved by basking under the sun or inside a tanning bed, these methods have proven to be quite hazardous.

Consistent exposure to the sun, or to ultraviolet rays, can heighten the chances of harm on your body. It’s due to the tanning fad that skin cancer has risen to be one of the most common cancers across the globe. A very aggressive form of skin cancer, melanoma, has caused numerous fatalities through the years. Thus, self-tanning has become the healthier option to getting one’s tanning fix.

While it doesn’t cause harm to your skin nor rely on the sun, self tanning can’t sort out dry skin despite being a topical approach to tanning. They act like lotion but without the moisturizing factor. Thus, having dry skin while self-tanning is going to be quite a complicated experience.

Firstly, you want to remove the dry skin first. This can be done through gentle exfoliation. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse off the layer of dead skin cells so you don’t have to deal with them during tanning. This also gives way to younger skin that the self tanner can easily adhere to. Exfoliating is a very important step before getting a tan as it can give you an even palette while also making your tan last longer.

For areas that are prone to drying or easily dry up, slowly dab the tanner onto the area. This helps absorb the tanner shade by shade and prevent oversaturation on these areas. Your elbows and knees are prone to absorbing a lot of tanner so make sure to dab the color slowly. Your heels can dry out easily so try to keep them moisturize before you apply self tanners.

After self tanning, it’s important to keep on moisturizing your skin. You can rely on aloe vera to keep your skin moisturize. A good tip to remember is to avoid moisturizers that contain retinol as this chemical can easily erase your self tan. You don’t want to ruin a good tan so better to check out moisturizers, or all skin care products, for the presence of retinol. A good practice to do would be to apply your moisturizer every day and night.