Showering Tips after Using Self Tanners

You have probably got the most sought-after color of your skin, your tan! Absolutely you would want to make it slow-fading, right, but you can’t resist to take showers all throughout the day. Do you know that your showering activity can affect the length of your tan? Yes. Actually, this has also become a matter of discussion among tan enthusiasts. According to some, showering does not affect your tan but some says showering can fade away your fake color easily. Well, clear out your doubts and find out if your showering activities can disturb your tan.

bath-465577_1280Most of all, determine what type of tanning method you’ve gone through because it’s the prime basis if showering affects your tan. If you achieved your tan through tanning beds, you don’t need to worry if you shower several times a day because the process done takes place inside the skin. Tanning beds activates the melanocyte cells of the skin to produce more melanin. Melanin is the coloring pigment of the skin, that’s why the more melanin your skin produce, the intense your complexion is. So you don’t need to worry if you love to take showers many times within the day.

But if you used the process of self tanning, think twice if you can sacrifice showering for the sake of your tan. Showering after coating your body with self tanner is not allowed unless you wait for a certain curing period. Well don’t worry about taking shower as long as you keep these simple tips in mind to prolong the life of your tan.

  1. If you used to shower 2 or 3 times a day, well you should consider minimizing it, because the more you wash your body, the faster your tan fades.
  2. When you take a bath or shower, avoid using loofa or scrub because it scratches your skin and removes away your temporary color. Gently lather bath soap or gel on your skin like a baby shower. After your shower, don’t rub your towel on your skin, instead, just gently dip it to absorb water on your skin. Use soft towels and avoid rough towels.
  3. Do you believe oil can shield your tan from being totally washed away? It is true. Come to think of the saying that you can’t join oil and water. Apply oil all over your tan before taking a shower because it serves as a barrier against water and soap.