Showering Tips for a Newly Tanned Skin

Woman showering enjoying in the shower under a water jet

Sometimes, showering after a tanning process is becoming an issue. What is really the real score? Does it affect your tan? How does it affect your tan? Well, clear out your mind and know how showering affects your tan.

First, know what tanning process you’ve undergone because that would be the biggest factor you need to consider. If you’ve undergone tanning through tanning beds, taking a shower after the process won’t fade your tan away. This is because the UV light produced by tanning beds activates the melanocyte cells of the skin to increase the production of melanin. It does not use external solution that can be washed away with water. But if you are using self tanning products like tanning lotions, bronzer, gradual tan, etc., taking a shower after application is forbidden. It is like you put on your makeup then eventually you washed your face. Applying self tanning solutions is like painting a house or wall; you have to let it dry first before you can touch it. But don’t worry, it does not mean, you can’t take a bath or take a shower anymore. You just have to wait for the cooking period before you can wash your body.

Here are some showering tips for a newly tanned skin.

  • Do not take a shower after applying self tanning products, instead do it beforehand. Exfoliate, take a shower then apply your sunless tanning solution.
  • If you really care about your tan, avoid taking a bath or showering 2 to 3 times a day. If you can, take a bath once a day only. This is because the coloring you painted on your skin is not permanent, the more frequent you wash, the easier it fades.
  • If you can’t resist taking showers at noon and in the evening, do not use scrub or rough towel. Just gently lather your soap or shower gel on your skin. That is the reason why you have to exfoliate first before you apply self tanner to clean your skin. Unless your tan has faded already and you have to reapply again, you can scrub again.
  • To minimize fading away of your tan, apply oil on your skin before you take a shower. Oil will serve as barrier or shield for your tan.
  • After taking a bath or shower, do not rub your towel on your skin. Just gently deep it in your skin to absorb the water. Rubbing accelerates the fading of your tan.

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