Skin Considerations When Choosing A Tanning Lotion

There are a number of means to get a tanned skin and one of them is through the use of tanning lotions. Tanning lotions are products that a lot of people utilize when it comes to getting their skin tanned. They are becoming popular these days especially that they are affordable and going to a tanning salon can be financially straining. However, there are a number of things that you should consider before you pick up that tanning lotion you have your eyes set on. One of the first things that you should take note of is your skin because this will determine what tanning lotion is most suitable to you.

Choosing Tanning Lotion


There are three skin types:

Dark Skin: People with a dark complexion no longer need to concern themselves that much when it comes to burning or skin conditions however, this does not mean that their skin has a built in means to protect itself from harmful elements such as ultraviolet rays. If you have dark skin then it is good to have a tanning lotion which also serves as a moisturizer. Keep in mind that tanning can dehydrate the skin which can get it flaky and give it an unpleasant appearance. Also make sure that you exfoliate your skin before you apply a tanning lotion.

Fair Skin: On the other hand, those who have fair skin tend to experience sunburns and skin damage especially if they enjoy tanning themselves through the conventional manner which is sunbathing. If you have a fair complexion but would like to have an appealing or exotic tanned appearance then the first thing that you need to remember is to stir clear of the sunbathing method and to opt for a tanning lotion instead. Make sure that there is an SPF included in the tan as well as a bronzer built in it so that you can get tanned without having that orange appearance.

Olive/Medium Skin: Having olive or medium skin is favorable for those who are interested in using tanning lotions because their skin tends to become tanned naturally. However, this does not mean that you should be careless with it because the skin can still get burnt and if you are going to use a tanning lotion with that kind of skin use one that is specifically designed for your skin. Refrain from using tanning lotion that can be too hot on the skin because they can dehydrate the skin which damages it in the process.

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