Skin Problems to Watch Out for During Summer

Summer is the time to make the most of the sun. With so many activities outside, you’re bound to expose your skin to a lot of suns. In fact, one of the common skin problems to deal with during summer is sunburn. Sunburn can be mild to the extreme which can lead to even more complications if not treated well. There’s a lot of skin problems to watch out and here are some ways to prevent them:

  • Sunburn. As was mentioned, this is the most common skin problem during warm days. Sunburn is a side-effect of your skin getting a lot of damage from the sun. This can be from sunbathing or being out under the sun for quite some time. The cause of getting sunburn can also be coined as providing less protection on your skin. To avoid getting sunburn, it’s best to put in a fair amount of sunscreen. Use a sunscreen that has a wide spectrum while also having a high SPF value. Make sure to put on your sunscreen every two to three hours. An important tip, let the sunscreen dry for at least 30 minutes before heading out.
  • Itchy skin and acne. Summer is the time for itchy skin and acne season. Overexposing your skin to the sun can cause acne to flare up while also inciting rashes. Summer is also the season where various plants can be quite an inconvenience to one’s skin such as poison ivy. For cases like this, it’s best to wear some long sleeves and gloves. You can also put on some ivy block to avoid poison ivy from getting to your skin. Acne will need some medicine to sort out. Try to stay out of the sun to avoid causing your acne to worsen.
  • Uneven skin tone due to tanning. As is mentioned, sunbathing is a common way to get your tan. Not only do you have a chance to get sunburned skin but you also have a chance at getting uneven skin due to the circumstances of your tanning. To sort this out, you can make use of self-tanners. It’s going to take a lot of time of sunbathing to get an even tone. This means putting your body under more stress under the sun. While self-tanning is considered a fake tan due to the absence of the sun, it’s one of the healthiest approaches to tanning. Summer gives off a very intense set of UV rays on your skin which can raise the chances of getting skin cancer.