Skincare Products That May Be Bad for Your Tanned Skin


Tanned skin is a physical attribute many individuals sought after. With the aid of spray tanning machines and self-tanning, you can enjoy getting tanned skin without being basked in UV radiation. Achieving the golden color can be quite an arduous task thus it’s not surprising you’d want to keep your tan longer. While we do our best to get the color of choice, keeping our skin at its tip top condition can only be done with the aid of a thorough skin care regimen. You might be making your way to the nearest shelf for your skin care needs but it’s best to check the list of ingredients first or they might just be the threat to losing your well-earned tanned skin.

Indeed, there are some chemicals that cause your tanned skin to become lighter. A particular chemical that causes your skin to become lighter is retinol. Now, truth to speak, this particular chemical does nothing wrong and is actually prized in the skin care community but it’s one of the biggest bane to a tanned individual. Retinol acts as an exfoliator thus causes your skin to be lighter should it be applied to your skin.

What are some of the commercialized products that could possibly contain retinol?

  • Moisturizers

You’re always encouraged to moisturize your skin after each tanning session but sometimes even the moisturizer causes your skin to lighten. It’s best to check the label if it contains retinol as you don’t want your hard work to go to waste.

  • Under Eye Cream

young woman apply concealer under the eyeOur eye bags tend to grow darker every time we forego on sleep. It’s no wonder that skin care companies incorporate retinol for these mixtures. It’s best to be picky when choosing an under eye cream if you’re planning to tan your skin.

  • Acne Treatment

Acne can leave unsightly scars once they heal which can only be corrected by retinol. Retinol lightens the scar and eventually erases them. You’d also want to consider skimping out on vitamin A from this set of products.

  • Foundation

Using a foundation is the base to a makeup regimen but at times even our favorite base could strip off the tan on our skin. It’s best to consider the ingredients of your makeup lest you pick out one that has retinol incorporated in it.

While we’ve ironed out what skin care products could have retinol, let’s get to some tips on how you can prolong the golden hue.

  • Make use of cool showers. Hot showers leave your skin dehydrated and cause a faster pace on peeling.
  • Have some more beta-carotenes in your diet. It’s been proven to help you tan from within.
  • Make use of baby oil spray or to use tanning spray machines to bring out a better glow while keeping your skin from being lodge into your pores.
  • Drink lots of water. Being hydrated helps your cells thus keeping your skin cells much healthier.

With these simple steps, keeping one’s tanned skin should not be a hamper to helping you enjoy a sun-kissed skin.

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