Skincare Regimen that will Enhance Your Tan


To make yourself standout during the summer season or when you go to beaches under the sun, it’s best that you get a tan for your body to glow and maintain your look to last longer. You can get your tan by simply going to sunbeds, spray tans, or be efficient by using self-tanning products. Though this may sound easy enough for one to try, it takes proper care and a lot of research to make your tanning process a success. You may well get a tan but having no knowledge on how to keep it on your body may well ruin your skin color and make all the tanning efforts useless. In order to become a tanning pro, here’s some good tips to enhance your tan:


  • It’s a must that you exfoliate your body weekly to take care of your tan.
  • Try not to scrub too hard on your body because it may affect the layers of tan on your body.
  • Give special attention the dark spots of your body like around the elbows, knees, and the heels.
  • Try to use exfoliating products that are soft and gentle to your skin to improve the process.

Young woman in white towel massaging his leg with white glove


  • Having a tan can make your skin dry so keep your skin hydrated.
  • You can use different creams that specializes in skin moisture to help.
  • If you plan on getting another layer of tan by sun tanning, use sun lotion to help make your tan last longer.
  • Whatever method you use in tanning, it’s a must that you moisturize before and after tanning sessions.

Hair removing

  • Avoid waxing your legs when you got a tan because it will destroy the color of your skin.
  • Always do hair removals before you get a tan.
  • If you use self-tanners or spray tans, having hair in your legs or arms will also be tainted with color so make sure you get rid of them.
  • When shaving before getting a tan, it’s safer not to use razors (if you’re using it) to remove hair because it may cut your skin. Try to use electric shavers instead.

Take care of your face

  • Be sure to wash your face daily to keep them glowing.
  • Wash off any makeup before undergoing a tanning session.
  • For sun bathers and sunbed goers, use lotions on your face to prevent damage in the facial skin.
  • Apply lotions that would protect your face from the rays of the sun because it is the area that is exposed to the sun all the time.