Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin After Exfoliation


An exfoliation can lead to a smoother, younger, and more vibrant skin. Knowing how to nurse your skin after exfoliation can be important to preserve your perfect skin.

Warm water

After exfoliating, wash your face with warm water. Pat your face dry with a towel after. Do not rub your face dry, it has to be patted dry. Keep a thin layer of water on your face after.

Using a gentle and clean cloth is important because it keeps the face free from foreign bodies.


After patting the face dry, moisturize the face. This locks up the moisture left after you rinsed with warm water as well as preserves the exfoliation.

Redding and peeling

After exfoliation, your skin will turn red and will eventually start to peel and flake. Don’t panic ‘ it’s completely natural!

After the skin peels and flakes, your skin will be smoother and lighter.

Sun care

After exfoliation, you should keep your skin well away from the sun. When your skin is healing, being exposed to the sun could cause damage.

By using sunblock all over your body and face and avoiding too much sun exposure, your skin will heal safely in no time.

Avoid makeup

After exfoliating, make sure to avoid wearing makeup. This may irritate the skin or even waste the exfoliation treatment. This is why people mostly exfoliate at night.

In addition to skin care tips after exfoliation, here are tips to remember before and while exfoliating your skin.

Always exfoliate with warm water

Although cool and lukewarm water have their uses, the exfoliating product may be quite uncomfortable when applied.

Do not exfoliate on consecutive days

Although the prospect of reaching flawless skin is very enticing, remember to pace yourself when exfoliating. Spread out your exfoliation treatments over a few days or weeks to give your skin time to regenerate.

Test out the product

Before exfoliating at home, make sure to test the product on the back of your hand first. This will alert you for any allergies or reactions that your skin might have with the product.

Try exfoliating the neck

When exfoliating, using the product on the neck area could lead to a better matching complexion.

Watch your eyes

When exfoliating, make sure to take care of your eyes. The skin around the eye and the eye itself is more sensitive than the skin of the face so it needs a gentler treatment.

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