Solution to the tanning mess

There are many ways to get a tan. The classic is to bask under the sun’s ultraviolet rays, using tanning lotion, and spray your skin to golden perfection.
In a nutshell, Spray tanning is a tanning process where a fine mist containing Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is sprayed onto your body. A variety of machines are used to spray the mist. Depending on your method, it lasts 3-7 days.

Pros and cons of spray tanning
Spray tanning is faster compared to basking under the sun or using a tanning lotion. It takes a lot of effort to apply the tanning lotion. This is a very good side.
To be fair; two sides to a coin. Spill! Mess! Stains! It is likely to get all over your clothes, your bed, and even your pet! You can go to a spraying salon or have someone go to your house for a spray. Going to the salon takes time and you will need to spend gas. It is costly for home service, obviously.
Well, yeah costly. But if you have your tanning sprayer and tent, then you can save a lot. Once you master spraying tanning, your neighbors, friends, and relatives can go to you and use your machine and tent. Of course, they have to pay you.

Solution to the messy problem
If you are in large room, no stuffs around, no curtains, no one to scream at you when you make a mess. Then spray galore all you want. However, we live a house with ceramics, bed sheets, curtains, a sofa, and someone who will really scream at you when you make a mess.
The solution is quite simple; a Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent. There are many tanning tents on the market. However, Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent stands out.
Made from strong fabric; it will surely last. The pole sleeves are made strong so that they will not break from repetitious folding. With storage pockets on the sides, you can easily grab whatever it is you need.
Standing at 85 inches and with a base of 45 inches by 45 inches, the size is just right. You take it anywhere and unfold it anywhere, without the worry of taking too much space. All that volume can be folded to a, roughly, 27-inch circular bag with a thickness of 2 inches. This is also ideal for travelers.
Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent prevents a messy surrounding. The spray is pointed to your body, and the mist bounces to the walls of the tanning tent. No worries. Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent can be easily cleaned and is waterproof.
Focusing only on the beauty of your tan and the strokes of the spray, there is no logo on this tanning tent.
The color of your tan in your fashion, and Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent has three colors; elegant black, fancy pink, and luxurious bronze. The luxurious bronze is classy and is recommended for tanning salons.

The Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent freebies

When your purchase the tent, you’ll get a $50 worth of disposable goodies:
1 sticky feet
1 nose filter
1 hair cap
1 g-string
Thermalabs Critically Acclaimed Luxurious Exfoliating Mitt (two sided for two types of exfoliating and tan removal)
Thermalabs Finger Exfoliator (patented) for precise exfoliating needs.

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