Spray Tan Reminders for First Timers

, Tanning can be quite an appealing approach to getting a better look of yourself. If you want to make yourself make better, tanning is a great way to give yourself a new look. Sunbathing is a common approach to getting a great tan. It’s not surprising since sunbathing needs only sunscreen and the sun. While it can be quite cost-effective, it’s not healthy in the long run. Absorbing a lot of UV rays is going to cause not only premature aging but hasten the chances of getting skin cancer.

Indoor tanning is not innocent either. Indoor tanning such as tanning beds or tanning showers make use of UV radiation to give you a summer glow. Indoor tanning makes use of a concentrated amount of UV radiation which is dangerous despite the shorter amount of time that you are exposed. These two methods of tanning have become quite hazardous to anyone’s health because of the chances of skin cancer. It’s due to the habit of sunbathing and indoor tanning that has brought rise to melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer.

With that said, self tanning makes a much better choice to getting your tanning means. One method of self tanning, spray tanning, is a great way to get into self tanning. If you want to shift to spray tanning, here are some things to consider:

– Much like any other tanning, spray tanning works well when you try to use a clean palette. A clean palette is newly exfoliated skin. Removing dead skin cells and the layer of impurities is important to getting a good area to work with self tanners. Self tanners can adhere easily as well as last longer on newly exfoliated skin. Since you got rid of dead skin cells, there’s lesser chances of skin peeling off before your next self tanning session.

– Make sure to choose a self tanner that can be used with an airbrush. Using a self tanner that is not compatible with an airbrush will clog the tool as well as cause a blotchy output for tanning. Try to look around for self tanners that are created for spray tanning.

– Try to control the initial application of self tanners with your airbrush. Despite being able to control the strength and saturation of a spray with a simple twist of a nozzle, try to start out with a lighter layer of tan and gradually work from there. This makes a better approach to getting your tan in the right places.