Spray Tanning Allergies Prevention And Cure

Tanning can be quite the asset to an individual. With the rise of skin cancer from sunbathing and using tanning beds or tanning showers, it’s no surprise that a lot of tanning addicts have opted to use self tanners. While they might be the healthier approach to getting your bronze tone, some individuals might encounter an adverse reaction to it.

No one really knows what they’re allergic to unless it’s determined by their doctor or experienced. Spray tan allergic reactions are rare and some individuals often overlook that possibility. In the case where you might get a rash after getting your fake tan, that’s what is called contact dermatitis which is a common allergic reaction. It’s best to wash off the tan as soon as possible. If you have tea tree oil, you can apply this oil to soothe the affected areas. Much like any allergic reaction, taking some oral medication such as cetirizine or any antihisthamine could help. If the rash is really bad, it’s best to make a visit for your dermatologist. On these cases, they might prescribe a stronger medication to sort out the reaction.

Now, prevention is always better than cure thus you’ll want to be wary of the next time you’re going to lather a self tanner on your skin. One important step to most individuals who have sensitive skin is to do a skin test. This is usually checks if the product has anything that you’re allergic with. It’s best to make use of a small amount and spread it on the inner side of your wrist, since this is a more sensitive section of skin. Let it sit for a few minutes. If you notice it becoming itchy or red, this means that the self tanner has some chemicals that your skin is not too happy to have.

It’s best to check on the ingredients of whatever topical application your hoping to use especially self tanners. If you have sensitive skin but would still opt to try out a self tanner, you can make use of tanning lotions that are concocted with organic ingredients. A good example would be self tanners from Thermalabs. They make use of organic and natural ingredients in their self tanners thus you can be sure that you’re not getting any synthetic chemical on your skin. If your’re still a little skeptical, why not make your own self tanner by combining some ground coffee with your favorite lotion? It’s not much but coffee is a natural tanner. v400|v750|veri|vi(rg