Spray Tanning During Pregnancy

Pregnant_womanSpray tanning has gradually become popular and the good news is that even soon-to-be-mothers can also get themselves tanned for added appeal. However, there are a number of reminders that pregnant women should always keep in mind when it comes to spray tanning such as:


DHA is the most common ingredient of most self tanning product being sold in the market that is responsible for giving that tanned appearance. The uppermost layer of people’s skins consist of dead skin cells which get replaced every after 28 days and any cells which are affected by DHA also falls along with it. Studies show that the possibility of DHA permeating the deeper portion of the human skin is very unlikely hence it will not cause harm to a soon-to-be-mom.

Keep Yourself from Inhaling It

Necessary precautions should be taken by pregnant women when they are utilizing tanning sprays or tanning products. While tanning products are not harmful when applied on the skin of a pregnant woman, it is however dangerous to be inhaled hence the subject must cover her eyes, nose and mouth to prevent the possibility of inhaling it. Alternating between tanning spray and tanning lotion is highly recommended to decrease the risk of the chemical being absorbed in the bloodstream which can be dangerous for the health of both the mom and the child.

Skin Test and Scent

There are moms who find the scent of tanning sprays to be too strong for them hence they are better of utilizing organic tanning products that do not have artificial preservatives or chemicals that add to fragrances. It is also highly recommended to undergo a skin test just to be on the safe side since a pregnant woman’s hormone levels fluctuate and they can be more vulnerable to skin allergies.

Refrain From Using the Following Products

Refrain from taking tanning pills that are often sold online because these pills may contain a high level of color additives that can cause potential harm to the unborn baby. Pills containing carotenoid and canthaxanthin are banned from being sold in the US and UK. Tanning injections or melanotan on the other hand are also harmful so never use them. Know that melanotan is unlicensed and has not been tested for safety or quality. Always make it a point to purchase tanning products from a reputable store or seller and to consult your physician about it. )