Spray Tanning: Skin Preparation and Application

There are a number of things that you should know if you plan to get your skin tanned. For one, skin naturally replaces its dead skin cells every 28 days and 25% of the skin is exfoliated every week which eventually removes UV induced tan. Though there is what is called sunless spray tanning there are things which should be considered before they are applied.

Exfoliation before tanningExfoliate: This may already seem like a mantra to you but it can never be stressed enough how important exfoliating is. To exfoliate, use a salt scrub or any similar product a day before you apply spray tanning on your skin. Exfoliating will remove dead, dry skin cells and by doing so, it will allow you to apply sunless skin solutions that will help extend the tan.

Soap: The skin should be clean and dry before you apply sunless spray tanning and you should ensure that there are no soap residue on the skin because this will interfere with the tanning process. Bar soaps should also be avoided when it comes to showering.

Perfumes/Deodorants/Makeup/Jewelries: If you have plans to apply spray tanning, refrain from using any perfume or deodorant on your skin. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you shave first before you apply spray tanning. You should also remove makeup before you start the process as well as jewelry. You cannot have makeup or jewelry creating a barrier between the tanning spray and your skin which will make your tanning results uneven.

Barrier Cream: Apply this on areas that tend to be color sensitive such as cuticles, knees, elbows and both the hands and the feet when you start to apply tanning. In case you have any tattoos, apply this cream on it to keep its color from being spoiled by the spray and then gently wipe the spray residue away from the tattoo.

Patch Test: If a person is suspected to have allergies when it comes to sunless tanning products or any of the ingredients in it then they should undergo a patch test. The possibility may be low but it is better to conduct this test.

It may seem troublesome for people to undergo these procedures before they can get their skin tanned but doing so ensures the best results. Note that people who have very fair skin may be required to follow up on their sunless spray tanning application 12-24 hours later. Spray tanning among self tanning has gradually become popular these days due to the convenience they offer and as long as people follow the right procedures, they will get that desired skin tone they are aspiring for.