Stop Your Fake Tan From Sweating Away With Your Workout

, Tanning is really an appealing approach to make yourself look better. Tanning can be done through various methods. Normally, we’d do our share of tanning through sunbathing since it is the most cost-effective method. Sunbathing doesn’t ask so much and needs only the sun and a reliable sunscreen. The only downside with tanning through sunbathing is taking long hours to get your tan. Indoor tanning may be a good alternative but it can be deadly since you’re providing a high dose of UV radiation onto your skin. This is where self tanners come in handy since it doesn’t make use of any UV radiation. This makes self tanning a much healthier approach to getting one’s tan.

One thing to work around with self tanning is how to sort out the topical application from getting around the usual daily routine. Since self tanners are applied to the skin, working out can cause it to be washed off. There’s been instances that sweat and tears have ruined a good self tan. If you want to avoid this kind of scenario, there are certain ways to do so:

– Make sure to conduct your tanning at least the night before. This gives way to having your tan dry through the night. The perfect time to do some self tanning is early evening so the tanner can dry on your skin before bed. Make sure to avoid re-application in the morning prior to working out or else it will run while you work out.

– You can make use of self tanners that have organic origins to lessen the chances of the tanner to run while working out. Most self tanners have a lot of dye to achieve the summer glow but if you have more natural means, you can assure that your self tanner won’t run while you’re running a lap on the treadmill. A good brand that offers organic means is Thermalabs. They offer a wide range of self tanning products that cater to any lifestyle, especially for working out. Since they were concocted with organic means, each self tanning product provides a nourishing approach to skin care and tanning.

– Try to plan out when you’re going to work out and your self tanning sessions. This gives room to avoid streaking in your strenuous activities. If that can’t be done, try to apply a light layer of tan before your workout to avoid your self tan from running.