Styling Tips for Bronzed and Pale Skin

banner_styling_tips 13.10.15Beautiful young woman with tanned skin before and after tanEverybody has individual differences as well as individual preferences. Most women with moderate to dark skin tone want to have a pale or a fair complexion, thus, they undergo bleaching while some women with pale or super white skin desire to have a bronze or a sun-kissed skin, thus, go tanning or apply self tanner. No matter what skin tone you have, whether bronze or pale, you can enhance your charm to the fullest by choosing your right beauty style. Here are some beauty tips for bronze and white skins. Just take note that these are merely suggestions. It is still up to you to mix your own styling.

For Bronze Skin

Most makeup artists say, the darker the complexion the more fun it is to experiment different colors or shades for applying to your skin. In choosing makeup colors for dark skin tone, you can try vivid shades of rose red and cherry or better wear soft natural tones like soft brown, light pink, and corals. Eye shadow for bronze skins is also helpful to highlight the eyes. A metallic brown shade of eye shadow can naturally brighten the eyes. A blush on of vibrant pink to your cheeks can add glow to your aura. For highlighting the lips avoid frosty lip colors, instead go for something richer. For the nail polish colors, you can go for metallic nail polish to make your nail look bold or experiment from nude and light shade to neon colors.

For White Skin

For a white or a fair skin, you probably want to have a little darker skin tone rather than a pale one. If you have a very white skin, try to use a gradual self tanner like tinted moisturizer to add glow to your skin and to avoid orange or streaky outcome. To hide your noticeable dark spots on your pale skin, you can use a concealer. In choosing makeup colors for fair or pale complexion, try using the shades of pink, salmon, brown, amber, bronze, corals or other earth tones. You can also do contouring to highlight or to emphasize or shape parts of your face. Blush on is also important for pale skin. Use natural colors for your blush on like soft pink, soft peach, champagne and cool brown. For your lipstick, use soft colored lipsticks like sandy or rosy pinks and soft apricots. As you can see, the key color for pale skin are light and soft colors.

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