Sun-Kissed Skin: 6 Simple Steps to Get That Perfect Self-Tan

banner sel tan used 14.9.15Oh no! Summer is at an end.

This means we only have a small amount of time left for refreshing fruit drinks, beach visits, and even summer parties. The days when you can enjoy your hard-earned, golden, sun-kissed skin will soon come to an end.

But does your tanned skin also have to go away when summer ends? Absolutely not.

Am I talking about tanning spas? No. That’s too expensive to maintain.

My friends, I’m talking about the genius that is the self-tanner. Have you heard of Thermalabs self tanners and Ultimitt?

Wait up. Before you close the browser window, let me explain: self tanners can be effective when used properly.

And I’ll help you in your quest to achieve perfectly tanned skin post-summer.

Are you ready? Here are tips to make sure you avoid streaked or orange skin.

  • Do everything else imaginable to your skin ‘ except tan

If you need to get a wax, get one before tanning. Shave your legs before tanning as well. Get all of these tasks out of the way — doing these tasks afterwards can remove your hard-earned sun-kissed skin.

  • Exfoliate

A day before you plan to self-tan, make sure to exfoliate your skin. Get into those dry skin areas such as the knees, ankles, and elbows! Make sure these parts are well-exfoliated. This will scrub off all the dead skin cells off your body.

  • Dry off

An important but overlooked aspect of this process is drying off your skin properly. Make sure to dry yourself by dabbing a dry towel over your body, and not by rubbing the towel.

  • Moisturize

After exfoliation, always make sure to moisturize! Dry skin is the bane of tanned and exfoliated skin — you don’t want cracked skin. Moisturizer also creates a barrier that protects your skin from the tanner — trust me, you don’t want some spots darker than others.Girl with sun from sunscreen lotion on her shoulder

  • Apply in sections

When applying the tanner, make sure to apply in small sections. Massage the tanner in a circular motion. When you see an uneven patch of skin, don’t rub it! That removes the tanner from your skin. When you shower after, these areas will blend together.

Save your hands and feet for last. You don’t want these to be your most tanned parts.

  • Clean up

After applying the tanner, make sure to clean all the parts you don’t intend to be tanned. This includes your nails.

After application, wipe off excess material from your nails and other body parts with a makeup remover. This will prevent these parts from turning orange.

By following these tips, you are assured a perfect no-streak self-tan! Enjoy your sun-kissed skin all throughout the post-summer season and leave them wondering how you maintain your beautiful golden skin.

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