Sunless Tanning Gains Popularity Among Teens

People are naturally vain up to a certain extent and these days, a growing number of them aspire to get and prolong that tanned skin. For them, having tanned skin makes them appealing and desirable and it is not only the adults who tend to frequent the beach just to achieve it but also teenagers.

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However, over-exposure to the sun can be damaging to the skin and can potentially cause skin cancer and not everyone is informed of this health fact. The good news is that today’s modernization has opened up the opportunity for people to get their tanned look without the need to go sunbathing on the beach. Tanning salons are rising in popularity since these establishments provide what these people want; tanned skins without the risk of developing skin cancer or having any damaged skins.

Even better is that there is an industry that also caters to this market and has developed tanning lotions which allows sunless tanning. And this sunless tanning method has grown more popular among teenagers who do not have the luxury of going to tanning salons to lie on some tanning beds to get bronzed. At the same time, this gives them more convenience since they can get their skins bronzed at home without the need to commute or spend gas in driving to a tanning salon.

Another reason that this has grown popular among teenagers is because they are now more informed of the dangers that UV rays pose thanks to the internet. Though the methods may appear different, teenagers are still advised to take note of the following when applying self tanners.

Remove Thick Hair: Thick hair should be removed on areas where the tanning lotion will be applied because it can potentially hinder the tanner’s effectiveness as well as prevent the user from applying it equally on his or her skin. Shaving and or waxing these parts of the body may be necessary.

Exfoliate: It cannot be stressed enough how important this step is when it comes to self tanning. People who plan to tan their skins using tanning do-it-yourself tanning products should make sure that they exfoliate their skins first. Dry skin causes flaky patches which makes it more difficult to distribute the tan on the body. The chemicals of the tanning product also react to the amino acids on the skin which can hinder it hence it is best to exfoliate the skin to remove the layer that can hinder the tan.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look desirable or appealing but it is important to consider a person’s health first in relation to the method being done.

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